Battle Pass: Tropical Storm

There’s a storm brewing in War Thunder! A ‘Tropical Storm’ — which is the name of a brand new battle-pass season. As usual, it gives you a chance to obtain a free premium vehicle by simply playing games and completing tasks, and there are two other rare vehicles waiting for you if you purchase the battle-pass for 2,500 Golden Eagles. Naturally, there are also lots of unique decals, a variety of boosters, and even a cool wooden canoe!

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Current task ‘Thunderbird’ seems a bit inconsistent.
the decryption says:
Destroy player vehicles using strike aircraft
Targets: bots, players

Ground targets in ARB dont count.

Bots are on list, because in Naval Battles you have some ships controlled by game bots (they are visible on leader board same as regular players and got names like “Adam”, “Gunther” etc.). Only that kind of bots counts.
There are no such bots in any other game mode.

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uh they have bots in grb not often but they happen

Why did I not recieve progress towards the challenge when I:

  1. destroyed enemy aircraft
  2. capped zone
  3. destroyed enemy ship
  4. activity above 70 %
    Gaijin, do you know how time consuming doing these crap challenges is and on top of that I am being screwed by bugs?

Thunderbird challenge ended before December 13!

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All 3 of the actions have to be accomplished by a Tier 3 or above vehicle, or an event vehicle - they never explicitly put that in the conditions tho’!! :(


I used the same vehicles I got the progress with 4 times before. I actually got it the battle after this one doing the same procedure.

Something funky going on.

Can you please provide screenshot? I see in game date set at 13 December.

Probably the ships you destroyed were bots. You need to destroy a player vehicle.