Battle of the Atlantic Trailer

Welcome to the upcoming Battle of the Atlantic event, which pits two teams of players against each other in asymmetrical ship and submarine combat!

ALARM! Periscope up, load tubes 1 and 2 and prepare for attack!

The full details surrounding this event will be revealed tomorrow!


I hope the lack of G7e on the U-boat is for balance reasons. Though the new guided torps give me hope for the Shack, Nimrod, and Gannet.

I hope it’s just for good looking trailer with cool torpedo traces and ingame all cool stuff like invisible electric torpedoes and self homing deep bombs will be available

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Only US vs Germany or will we get to fight U-boats in British ships too?

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Certainly hope this is testing submarines for their own separate game mode and not trying to cram them into the normal pvp mode.

Also this would explain the whole destroyed compartment flooding mechanic added a month ago, that was added in advanced so submarines can’t just shrug off depth charges.

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I think you have that the wrong way to be real… If a ship is hit by a torpedo, it’s definitely not going to be a hole that can just be repaired without a drydock or assistance.

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Surprised this thread doesn’t already have 10.000 comments, lol. Also, maybe Sweden is finally getting a navy, as most of their naval arsenal is U-Boats/Submarines.


You know how long many of us waited for this.
Hope it gets fully implemented in Q1-2024


It’s probably going to be this upcoming update (last update of 2023 as we haven’t had our yearly 5) maybe we’ll see some long range anti ship missiles?

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I would be so hyped for this getting implemented in the main game!

I think it’s just a test for know

Finally depth charges have use

Depth charges have use already - great for sinking ships!

depends. i use them sometimes when im getting chased, but overall other than that it is not too useful

I use them at 3.3 hunting down destroyers with Pr 123’s - great fun!

It just ended. Well that was fun while it lasted. Anyone know when they will add it to the main game

Either 5 weeks, 5 months, or never.