Battle of the Atlantic: Ships Against Submarines!

I agree. Even if it’s in a beta form, the submarines in Battle of the Atlantic are incredibly fun to play. I would love to see a major tech tree for submarines for the nations that had them.


The mines, while probably necessary here for balance, were silly. Naval mines did not just sail up from the ship to hit a vessel passing directly overhead. Submarines try to AVOID large underwater concussion forces close to them. They needed more of an activation timer.

The ASW armament really needs some kind of indication where it’ll hit the water, even if it’s fixed range.

Submarine torpedo range should have been longer, and yes, larger deck guns could have been employed. One thing I saw a lot toward the end was players going 1-2 m deep and firing their guns basically from the waterline. Yeah, that’s not actually a thing you can do. Guns should only have been able to fire when fully surfaced.

All and all, it was fun enough, I’d play it again.

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How would the sonar be implemented then? I would say that on the minimap is only real place where to put it. The HUD is already quite cluttered with DM, Hit cam, Radar, Minimap, Chat and Battle log.

Adding sonar as separate HUD element seems like bad idea.

imo it wouldn’t be worse then plane with Radar + RWR

most subs and early destroyers don’t have radar anyway, only passive/active sonars

problem is, the question of space for ships UI will come eventually, modern ships have radars with absurd ranges (200, 300+ km) and i don’t see those just sitting as a tiny circle in a corner.
Maybe they could set a keybind where you can display it enlarged, and same for sonar ?

I would say it would because the planes don´t have minimap and hit cam present in the hud which both take lot of space. Just look at these two images I really don´t know where you would fit the sonar view.

I think that the minimap display is brilliant space saving idea and I don´t think it is as OP as it might seem in the event.
The historical limitation will nerf the sonar hard - speed limitations, range/depth limitations, tracking ability ect. what we got in the even was essentially 1950s or 60s (with nerfed range) sonar against WW2 subs.

Yeah. You just had to fly back to the starting point. Reloading for the PBY took 10 seconds, reloading two torps on the He 111 30 seconds.

ha good point, i forgot about the minimap

just to clarify i don’t think it would be OP, it was just a personnal display preference.

Talking of sonar in the event : i noticed the destroyer gets a return signal if it is in the red circle area of the sub (the ones that changes size depending on the amount of noise the sub makes)

shouldn’t those 2 be completely unrelated ? i don’t think an active sonar depends on how much noise the target makes ? or maybe i’m missing something idk

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Are submarines coming to naval? It would be the only thing that is able to get me to play naval honestly.
My gripes:

  • Automatic AAA fire from ships and its aimbot like accuracy. There should be no automatic AI targeting. In fact the smaller caliber cannons should have no AI control at all. Everything should be aimed solely by the player.
  • Spawns are too close on the open sea which results in spawn to spawn fire.

as I understand @Stana_WT it is programmed as a global parameter, I guess changing this parameter would also change the rewards for normal encounter missions

Or a parameter attached to the ship type, to change this parameter only for an event you would have to create a new ship type I guess

My final comment on this event :

It was much fun, I didn’t expect a fully balanced event and I don’t expect it in the near future, many things have to be improved and then tested again.

In general I think it will be very difficult if not impossible to integrate U-Boats into a normal game mode like Domination , e.g. most game types last only 30 minutes or less depending on the number of farming bots.

But integration into EC should be possible and I’m hoping for that.
And because Xmas is not far away I’m hoping for the next event on Xmas.

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Yes, long story short it was not possible to change it exclusively only for that event.

I think overall an extremely fun event the only issue I had with it was the amount of mission score received from actually going for the cargo ships was so low that it made more sense to just go after the destroyers.


Honestly what i think is interesting is that since submarines are so cheap, theyre available to a lot more nations. Thus, i think all ten nations could support a small sub line.

Hope we get to test something like the I-400 or I-13 next event.

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I miss this event 😭