Battle of the Atlantic: Ships Against Submarines!

How is it a type F and how is it incorrect? 🤔

We don’t have the 8.8cm deck gun and we have the 2 20mm and 1 37mm AA guns both of these thing were only present on the F. However we carry mines which the F did not do and it could be argued we do not carry enough torpedoes as the F was used to resupply other Uboats on patrol as the F had the capacity to carry 39 torpedoes as part of its resupply mission.

Are you sure that it isn’t Type VIIC/41 like the U-995 or the Type VIIC/42? Both of these seem to lack deck gun and have same armament as the ones in game.

I am slightly confused about the /41 config if it had deck gun or not but I am quite sure that the /42 model didn’t have deck gun.

Maybe some /41 were modified later on loosing the deck gun? I also found this picture:

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yeah i think it’s a c/41 or 42 as well? maybe even just a normal type viic? from what i can find via google, snorkel installation (which can clearly be seen in game) required removal of the deck gun (while keeping the mount) due to the gun getting in the way of the snorkel.

also research said all type viic’s could launch mines from their torpedo tubes

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Please submit valid bug report here: // Issues
I tried to re-create the situation and was not possible for me.

Vehicles in events (like, for example USS Fletcher here) are different vehicles you have in tech tree (they got different ID), so they are not connected with your tech tree.

I have USS Fletcher and I checked both with auto purchase ammo on and off - no info to purchase ammo for me when I am joining Event.

Regardless of what specific model it is, please remember this is an Arcade event. Vehicles in Arcade got boost to engine power.

I dont know if someone already bring this up, why do we need to aim torps with whole sub?

Irl torps had gyroscopes and would turn to preset heading after launch.

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i’m not 100% sure what you’re trying to say?
it shouldn’t go faster on surface then submerged but does because it’s arcade? or are you just pointing out that surface or underwater it’s actually faster then it should be?

I am pointing out, that speed of vessels in Arcade events is not historically correct.

oh, fair enough.

i feel like my point still stands “it’s faster when surfaced” which historicly (regardless of actually speed) it should be.

Global setting mean it will change rewards for every other game mode.

This event was clearly made for fun and not for realistic recreation.

88mm gun on deck would be too OP against convoys. However they added mines as counterpart for ships so you can actually defend yourself.

Surfaced subs are faster because they are surfaced and unprotected. Submerged subs are slower because if you go to 50m you can very easily sneak on convoy and destroy 7 ships with single sub.

Because we don’t have mechanic for that yet. Like we don’t have proper aiming mechanic for DC, sonar is very very basic ect.

This is just fun event meant for some basic testing. Same as the april event with Leo 2A6 and T-90 was very simple.

Just gonna say this here because many people claim you can’t set the depth where depth charges explode. It’s possible in the options for naval after which second they explode.

makes sense, i mean tiger’s can 1 shot ships. and if it were realistic i guess they’d be too slow to actually catch the convoy even if surfaced, so you need to increase the speed to make it even remotely fair…

huh, i always assumed they just set automaticly or were magnetic? i’ve never actually set the depth and seem to always hit the sub i’m trying to hit…but also in a sub am unaffected by depth charges below 55? =/

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I’m pretty sure they go to ‘whatever depth they need to go to’ before exploding. Was watching a string of DC dropped on me yesterday: 5-6 were dropped well ahead, then there was a pause before 1DC was dropped nearby, and then another load spammed astern of me. First group exploded first, naturally, bang-bang-bang etc, quite shallow, too far for damage. I was watching the next, on target, DC which was sinking slowly. Surely the next to explode? No. It keeps descending and then the final group detonate astern, bang-bang etc, all in sequence. Right, now the on target one is at the depth it needs, BOOM.

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Ah. I forgot we can’t increase the rewards for playing objectives.

Still find it funny that the primary task of the German side gives peanuts because score for sinking those is linked to actual matches and naval has a map mode where each team has a fleet of AI cargo ships and each one sunk takes 1000 points from the enemy teams bar.
Which most players don’t shoot because it gives practically nothing and gaijin won’t change that because heaven forbid players get rewarded for doing anything other than shooting players in any mode even if the objective explicitly requires them to do so.

So instead if we want to finish the bidaily tasks in a reasonable time while juggling the TOG2 event we do the exact opposite of what any submarine commander should do and ignore the convoy and charge the escorts instead.

To finish task for Submarine Event you need two battles.
1 battle for USA side.
1 battle for German side.

If I can do it like that, anyone can. I am really poor navy player.

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