Battle Award for intercepting a Nuclear Bomber

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As there is a Award for successfully dropping a Nuclear Bomb in the game (“Doomsday!”) and this action ends the match, shooting down the Nuclear Bomber is a top priority for the enemy team.
It would therefore make sense to reward the respective player who intercepted the Bomber and prevented the match of ending. The player is already rewarded by getting an additional kill, but I would argue that due to the effect that kill can have on the match that it should be rewarded additonally.

Some possible names for such an Award could be: Broken Arrow, Bent Spear or Empty Quiver.

Broken Arrow is a term used to describe an Accident with a nuclear Warhead where there is a definite danger for the civilian population
Bent Spear is a term used to descibe an Accident with a nuclear Warhead where there is no danger for the civilian population
Empty Quiver is used to describe the seizure, theft or loss of a nuclear Warhead

These are not the complete definitions for those terms and said terms are NATO terminology.

Here also a little interpretation of how such an Award could look like if named “Broken Arrow”



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Bro it is a evil thing to shoot down a Nuclear Bomber.It is a hard earned thing so it should be rewarded more.


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

As a battle reward for intercepting a nuclear bomber got implemented as part of update 2.33 Air Superiority,

Moved to Implemented Suggestions. o7