Basic premium planes for the tree grind

Hi guys! What planes for different nations are viable for tier 5 grind? I’ve bought the A6M5Ko and like it so much (and it grinds XP really well) but actually Japan is a totally “meh-tier” nation IMO. What planes are similar to Zero in terms of rank and farm to grind USA of Germany for example?

i am naming vehicles with highest SL and RP gain and in Tier V, without anything other kept in mind
USSR: MiG-17AS (not available anymore), Su-11
Japan: F-86F-40 JASDF
Germany: G.91 R/4
Britain: Sea Vixen F.A.W. Mk.2
China: Shenyang F-5
Italy: G.91 R/4
France: none are purchasable anymore
Sweden: SAAB-105OE
Isreal: F-84F

Uhh, sorry. I actually meant tier 4 prems to grind tier up to tier 5

if im being honest, getting any of these ones. Will not only help you grind out Tier V and a additional Tier VI, you will earn the most money you could dream of earning (highest SL multiplier in game).