Base game vehicle specific sights

This would obviously be an optional choice, as some would not want to use the historical reticle. I can’t really show many examples, but here are some late/post Cold War ones.



(Some of these would “not be possible” in game because of the auto-ranging fire control system, or in other words, it will work, you would just have to implement that)

Leopard 2a5:

A few other things would be a “from gunner sight” view, which is already in game, but optional, I’d like to see this come to keep from a few cheeky spots you can shoot through and a few other issues with down bore sight. Also, another unpopular opinion, is giving barrels a collision with vehicles and objects.

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Yea, due to WT Live you can give up any hopes something like that will be made.

Why, there are people who want vehicle specific sights in game where they don’t have to mod it from WT Live.