Barrel damage adds insult to injury for heavy armor

You’re going to assume what BR changes are needed?

I belive most if not all B.R. are going to need a change after it would be implemented.

Which should happen naturally, no? There is no way to guess what the impact from this feature is.
Nor does it have to be removed, but heavy tanks should not get disabled from a single shot to their muzzle brake, it should require several shots so that it’s not the best way to approach every single tank.

If i was to put mud in your barrel you would have to get out of your tank and clean it before firing it or risk blowing up your tank. If you was to get killed in your tank you would never be able to drive a tank again.

If i was to shoot a barrel from any angle it would bend/ warp and never be used again.

I dont think a barrel should be able to pass through an obstruction, and u should be able to use an obstruction to turn your turret faster, but that could also bend it

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It does not need to be removed.

You can shoot at a barrel, so you should be able to damage it. It is in the players control, it is not some arbitrary thing like random failures.


Removal of barrel damage? Excessive solution to a problem of game design.

Wanna make people stop shooting gun tubes? Stop rewarding them for it. How is this achieved?

Divide barrel (and breech) DMs into muzzle device, multiple sections of the tube, recoil mechanisms and etc. Allow players with broken muzzle devices and gun tubes to fire with reduced accuracy. Breaking a muzzle device will increase recoil and lower successive rate of fire, the same with broken recoil mechanisms.

Now the exceedingly easy way to fully disable any enemy from firing back is gone; thus players will not go for barrel shots as the reward of a free kill/disable is no longer there. Broken barrels will still matter but they won’t be number 1 or 2 objective in a tank engagement.


Well lets just see this
So this random light tank destroys your barrel
Then it damages your tracks
And then it positions behind you and keeps shooting your rear armour, increasing your repair time
The turret already rotates at the speed of a turtle and you want all the above to be happening at the same time?
This is very annoying when it happens and its not a skill issue but merely some players with less neurons.
The game is suppose to be fun not for this to happen.

Sounds like a great tactic for tanks with poor guns.

It is annoying, but mostly preventable. Heavy tanks (except the jumbo) usually have excellent guns that can easily kill any light tank ingame.

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Yes but when a crew member gets injured then you cant even use the machine gun apparently

When a crew member dies they can’t do anything, correct.

If you lose your commander, you’re out of luck.

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And so therefore barrel damaged should be removed so we can atleast deal with other things

No. It is realistic to be able to damage a tanks barrel, and it is a great way to disable a tank.

It shouldn’t be removed because it is annoying, that’s like asking for APHE to be removed because it currently over-performs compared to real life.

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“Barrel damage adds insult to injury for heavy armor” and thats completely fine.

Remove barrel damage from ab and let it be in rb is what i meant to say

In rb yes
But people play ab for fun and to see the target destroyed text

Yes wouldn’t it be fun that light and medium tanks can’t counter heavy tanks by destroying their barrels so heavy tanks could just go and shoot everyone… I love that idea. I feel like heavy tanks should also have their armor upgraded to minimum of 300mm (for fun reasons) and maybe better mobility (minimum of 50MPH, so they can maneuver around the battlefield). this would mean that we the heavy tank players get to have more fun and see more target destroyed text

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Yes and we should make heavy tanks impenetrable and give them jet engines to fly

I think what should be done is that the hitblx of the barrel was only what exactly the tube is, eliminating the flash hiders, both those at the tip and those in the middle of the barrel such as the 105mm L7 ones.

German mains when they get barreled and tracked by a Sherman


Shermans are weak against german tanks
This tactic is just like a weasel trying to survive