I got banned even tho i recently made my account? What’s goin on?

I suspect they are banning people who use VPNs or VPN like software.

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Your numbers in your name are against the rules.


I know at least 3 other guys with the number and their fine

VPN isnt against tho

It means no one’s reported them yet.

Bro. I’m telling you. It isn’t the number. The are people with N word as their name. You think they’ll care about my name?

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Yes, if someone reports your name.


WHY WOULD SOMEONE REPORT A NAME. TELL ME. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK SOMEONE GOES “Oh my jolly god, that foul scoundrel has the number 420 in their name, How an inferior name, I shall report him for justice.”. EXPLAIN

Seems to be either a mass bot account ban, or a massive anti cheat bug. There are like 20 forum posts about it. If you were botting or cheating for real, I can tell you that you won’t be getting your account back, game developers wait months and make massive lists of accounts to ban at once to counteract cheaters and if your name was on the list it means they have a lot of material that ended up in the ban.

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Its probably anti cheat bug. Cause i know i wasnt a bot and last time i checked. A bot wouldn’t be buying premium ground vehicle. Theyll probably only have air.

That got nothing to do with bots.

Caught cheating probably, unlucky

id say all of these bans are from bots and people who bought the accounts lol


It’s probably not an anti cheat bug.
If your were caught by cheating, deal with it.
If you name yourself in a forbidden way, deal with the consequences.

But interesting mindset you have right there.

Get over it.


well if you had not been banned so early, you would have know that there are plenty of thinskinned players in war thunder that will report anything they find the least offensive. I dont know why you got banned but your name is an abotion.

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TBH I report every racist thing I see in the game. I’m not even sorry about it. Not really the numbers stuff. That’s kinda mild to even be an issue


@Yowowski420 you see what i mean lol

At least it is vegan…

So when some guy says in a Air-RB lobby “smoke if racist”, you report your whole team? I hope you DO have a sense of humor