Banned for Unsporting Behaviour, breach of paragaph 3.2, and 3.2.3 even though i didnt cheat, at the game

Dear Gaijin Support Team,

Hello Gaijin and the War Thunder community,

I am writing to express my concern and seek clarification regarding the ban imposed on my War Thunder account. I have dedicated nearly 2000 hours to playing this game over the past six years and have also spent a considerable amount of money on it. I was deeply disheartened to discover that my account has been banned for “unsporting behavior” and a breach of paragraph 3.2 of the End User License Agreement (EULA), specifically paragraph 3.2.3.

I want to emphasize that I have always played War Thunder truthfully and have never used any cheats, mods, or any other software that would automate or alter the game process. I am passionate about historical tanks and planes, which is why I enjoy War Thunder so much. Cheating or engaging in any form of unsporting behavior goes against my values as a player.

I have already contacted support regarding this issue, but the response I received did not provide any specific details or evidence of the alleged misconduct. The response was:

"Your game account has been blocked permanently due to the breach of paragraph 3.2 of the End User License Agreement (EULA):

3.2. You hereby unconditionally agree and guarantee that you WILL NOT do (or attempt to do or facilitate doing) under any circumstances the following:
3.2.3. No malicious or deceiving use of software which automates the game process (bots, mods), changes gameplay or functionality of the Game, grants an advantage over other players not using such software or otherwise changes gaming experience, whether yours or any other player’s.

Best regards, Senior Support Specialist (IISL)"

However, I was not informed of the specific actions or evidence that led to this ban. Additionally, I have not played the game for almost a year due to other commitments, which makes this situation even more perplexing.

Given my long-term commitment and genuine passion for War Thunder, I respectfully request a thorough review of my case. I hope to receive a detailed explanation of the specific reasons for my ban and any evidence supporting these claims. If no substantial proof is found, I kindly ask for my account to be unbanned.

Thank you for your understanding and attention to this matter. I look forward to a proper response from the Gaijin support team and the War Thunder community.

Best regards,

Mason Alfa

Sadly, people often undervalue the use of 2-step-authorisation. A well protected account is important to prevent someone can get illegal access to it and get someone into trouble.

Even if that happens, the responsibility for the accounts security lies always with the owner of the account, meaning that if the players don’t protect their accounts, they might have to face the consequences if their accounts are used to perform illegal actions by others…

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is there a way to get my account back?

Assuming you were banned for no reason its a warning to those who are thinking of buying premium time or vehicles

The only thing to do is put in a support ticket. No one on the forums are able to do anything.

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I am not sure if repeating this mantra “security lies always with the owner of the account” is helpful and it is imho not correct. Any references to ToS are actually useless - as they are basically just a wish list.

If you try to see the whole picture you might come to the conclusion that gaijin’s sole reason to refuse implementing a mandatory two factor authorization process is their reluctance to create any kind of entry barrier for their target group - PG 12 customers - the root cause for having the possibility to hack unprotected (=no 2FA) accounts relies primarily with gaijin


If yoy really dont cheat - you can make a support ticket
And they will decide.
Most of banned players - cheaters
Maybe in past, but still

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Just because you havent played for a while doesnt mean you didnt do anything while you were playing. You got caught thats all.

Where dk you go to submit a ticket

War thunder support site

Define Unsporting Behavior, Teamkilling?

Teamkill, third party programs for advantages and etc, also might be PVE.

the same thing happened to me but i had 2 step authentication setup. i sent a support ticket in and they responded with. "We have completed a mass check of server logs to find the accounts that were started with a modified game client.
In your case, the usage of a modified game client or changing the game client files was clearly proved.

The security of your account is strictly your responsibility, we are not able to assist in this case.

We cannot provide you with a report regarding your ban to prevent any disclosure of information about game client modifications detection methods.
Unfortunately, we have nothing to help you in this case.

Any dispute on this case is pointless, our decision will not be revised."

is there anyway to help. I put in over 1000 hours into this account and countless premium vehicles.

I doubt it’s Teamkilling since often that was a tricky pickle. Since there is A the chance you dropped a bomb that only hit its target once a ton of players were driving into proximity the original intention with that plane was dropping the bomb to clear it out so the ground tanks could capture the point.

Or B intentional.

If anything it was certainly hacks. The only “cheat” by a technicality in terms of definition that’s allowed would be the Official Assistant App. Otherwise, that’s about it. I don’t count Soundmods, or really of those since if the devs didn’t want this to be a feature then they wouldn’t be paying folks to port the Userskins into marketplace skins its also just bad for business and community building.

Teamkilling may result Ban, but only if it was massive in one day/smth like that. But ban mostly short(1 day)
Idk, maybe theres next stages of punishment.

We cannot help you on forum, sorry.
All the case related to ban for cheating needs to be discussed directly with Support.

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