Banned for bad username

I have been playing this game since 2015 off and on, i have been banned for having a “bad username” my username was itsrambo4200, 4200 is the union number of my union at work so i didnt think this was a isssue considering its not strictly 420 i was not advertising the use of drugs i was simply trying to display the numbers of my union… i have now lost 150 days of constant login which i mean isnt a lot but it is still a loss i have 450 days of premium now going to waste with no response of a game master ive messaged multiple with 0 response whenever they are making new posts daily and responding to other people am i just at a loss at this point ? kind of disappointing for a game ive been playing for 7 years…

If I read this correctly, you are saying you’ve been locked out for 5 months (150 days)? In regards to the Moderator comments, looks like there may be some other issues going on.

Will be following this out of curiosity/being nosey. Good luck


Please PM a Game Master for more info about this:


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You should be unbanned now, i will also remind our Game Masters that they should be checking their pm’s more actively. Also to shine some light on this case.

Your nick was not itsrambo4200 like you said here but it was itsrambo420 which is forbidden as per our rules. You also did not have your nick itsrambo420 for many years as you claim but you only have it since march this year.

Sorry for the problem.