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Disclaimer : Many aspects of this vehicle such as weight, propulsion, and more remain unknown. As more information is released, this suggestion will be updated .

Hello, today I would like to suggest the addition of the Banihashem ATV 500A. Or, more spefically the anti-tank version armed with various anti-tank missiles. This is, perhaps, one of, if not, the smallest anti-tank missile carrier to enter service, as it is essentially an ATV modified for military uses.

(Yes, the suggestion title is a JoJo reference.)

Iranian soldiers inspecting two B.H.I AFVs. Each are equipped with Toophan ATGM and Tosan ATGM, respectively.

Since the Iran-Iraq war, Iran has delicated a significant portion of its army for a quick, cheap, and numerous rapid support forces. Owning to success of various ad-hoc units equipped with improvised combat vehicles that uses a combination of off-road mobility and rugged terrain against an Iraqi tank battalion. Thus, it would not be surprising to see Iran utilize thousands of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) as an intergral part of their mobile forces.

The Banihashem ATV 500A (or the B.H.I 500A for short) is one such vehicle. It is a militarized version of the Stels ATV 500 produced by the Bani Hashem Defense Industrial Complex (the same factory that produces the Karrar MBT). It first debuted in the Islamic Republic day parade in 2010. The vehicle features several differeces compared to its civilian counterpart. Namely an increase of vehicle’s ground clearances, a flat seat to accomodate the passenger/gunner, and a modular racks to quickly equip and the vehicle with various field modifications.

Comparison with the base Banihashem and Stels ATV.

In its unarmed configuration, the B.H.I 500A were used in various roles. Ranging from quick transport of personnel and supply, communication relays (by simply mounting radio on its back), and as an ad-hoc “drive by” vehicle by having its passenger carrying various kinds of weapons on their shoulders, such as an RPG or MANPADs.

A B.H.I 500A speeding alongside the Safir LUV with M40 recoiless rifle during the Beit al-Moqaddas 29 exercise.
A B.H.I 500A configured for communication relays and field medical service.

For combat usage, the B.H.I 500A can also be modified to armed with a variety of weapons. Ranging from a rocket launchers, a heavy machine gun, the SPG-9 recoiless rifle, and most peculiarly, an anti-tank version with three different ATGMs available.

B.H.I 500A with a machine gun.
B.H.I 500A with SPG-9 recoiless rifle.
B.H.I 500A with Type 63 MLRS mounted on a frame extension.
B.H.I 500A with Toophan ATGM (Iranian upgrade of BGM-71 TOW) and Dehlavieh ATGM (Iranian derivative of 9M133 Kornet). Note a night vision/thermal sight on the Toophan launcher.

Iranian officers and servicemen inspecting the Tosan ATGM-equipped B.H.I 500A. Note a small seat for the missile operator and a modular extension locking the missile launcher in place.

The B.H.I 500A can be equipped with either the Tosan ATGM (an Iranian copy of 9M113 Konkurs), the Toophan ATGM (an Iranian reverse-engineered and improved BGM-71 TOW with an access to the Qaem anti-aircraft missile), and the Dehlavieh ATGM (an Iranian license-produced 9M133 Kornet ATGM). The missile can be pre-loaded inside the tube and two additional missiles can be carried by on a rack at the front and the back.

While there are no exact numbers of the B.H.I 500A in services, it is one of the most numerous vehicle produced by Iran, with perhaps over thousands of them in service. Being used both by the Iranian Ground Forces and the IRGC, it is also a common sight in various parades and military exercise.

In War Thunder
The B.H.I 500A is, perhaps, one of the only few vehicle that blurs the line between a delicated military vehicle and an improvised technical. Though, in my opinion, this vehicle can be considered a military vehicle in its own right, due to it being specifically modified to accomodate various military duties and being produced by a defense contractor rather than bought directly from civilian market.

In terms of gameplay, the B.H.I 500A would be the most extreme case of “glass cannon”. It has dispropotionally powerful armament compared to its size, yet it lacks any protection to protect its crew and compartment whatsoever. Owing to its tiny size and incredible speed, the B.H.I 500A can also be used as a scout or to capture pount, as well as being very easy to hide.

Crew: 2 (Driver, Commander/gunner)
Length: 2.23 meters
Width: 1.13 meter
Height: 0.8 meter (not counting the missile launcher)
Combat weight: ~500 kg
Transmission: Four-wheel drive, with V-belt variator
Suspension: 4 x 4 with spring-hydraulic shock absorbers
Top Speed: Unknown, pursumably above 130 km/h
Power/weight: ~64 hp/t
Engine: 32 hp, diesel-powered engine
Primary Armament: 1 x Toophan ATGM launcher (with night and thermal vision), or 1 x Dehlavieh ATGM launcher or 1 x Tosan ATGM launcher.
Armor: None
Ammo Count: 3, one loaded inside the launcher

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Very cool idea :). Do you foresee this being added in the RU tree? The RU SOF units in the current conflict use some similar set ups so it would make sense to me. Alternatively, would also support Iran getting a tree or subtree !