Banded Bombs for the FJ-4B

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NOTS Banded Bombs for the FJ-4B


A VX-5 FJ-4B with banded bombs at the Naval Avionics Facility

3 bombs banded together to fit in one pylon, allows the FJ-4Bs to have up to 18 250lb or ~9 500lb bombs

In 1959, Air Development Squadron 5 (VX-5) and the Naval Ordnance Test Station at China Lake started work on enhancing the bomb delivery capability of the A-4B and FJ-4B. The FJ-4B unfortunately lacked the wing clearance to use the multiple bomb rack system that was developed for the A-4B. The solution came when the Test Station suggested that they simply band bombs together for the FJ-4B. The banded bombs were simple, 3 Mk.80-series bombs strapped together with 2 steel straps that would come apart after release, which allowed an FJ-4B to carry 12 bombs on its 4 outer pylons. Testing showed the system to be successful, and in one test, the spread of bombs created a 1400 square feet isosceles triangle. The system was also tested on the A-4B, but the successful development of the multiple bomb rack made any further use obsolete. Ultimately, the FJ-4B would never see combat, and the banded bomb idea would be dropped, and a few years later be replaced by the universal bomb rack, designed for planes that couldn’t carry the multiple bomb rack.

In War Thunder:
It would allow the FJ-4B to have some more powerful ordnance options, especially on the pylons that can’t carry the 2000lb bomb. Would be great for base bombing and maybe CAS. Yes.

1x3 250lb Mk.81 or 500lb Mk.82 general purpose bombs, banded together with steel straps.

Also tested with 1x6 25lb Mk.76 dummy bombs

FJ-4B (VMF-232) - (technically not as it never reached operational use)
A-4B - (already has bomb racks)
F-100D - (already has bomb racks)



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VX-5 FJ-4B Fury BuNo 143494 | VX-5 Vampires FJ-4B Fury BuNo … | Flickr
1958 China Lake Photo Gallery

Yep. not much else to it. Can’t believe I made a non-naval suggestion.


Its such a cope idea, and I love it

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Very goofy, +1

Ok, so get this. A few days after I originally made this, I looked for some more info on this project, and found out 2 years later, they literally just made a normal bomb rack for the FJ-4B. Omegabruh.
I have no info on it other than this NOTS newspaper article cause the guy who did the interview for the bomb bands already left VX-5 by this point


would be nice too these and all other types of clustered munitions, i know there were more nations that used bomb that are bonded together

more armament variants for vehicles is never a bad thing, i mean we have a toilet bomb in the US tech tree this can be added too

Its awesome

Except for the fact they stated the smallest bomb they’ll add to aircraft now a days is 50kg.

Hell yea. The F4J is by far one of the most irrelevant attackers. Just the funny factor would make this an actually interesting vehicle

Is that a bug report? F4J late vehicle?

Would be another suggestion, a bomb rack that was tested on the FJ-4B. I think it might actually be the predecessor to the Triple Ejector Rack that the F-100D has. But I have no idea really.

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