Ban waves?

i was wondering if WT devs/mods warn or tell the people when or if there will be another ban wave.

or is it just 1 every year/2 years

Why would they warn us, we aren’t cheaters so we don’t need to worry.


They do one about every month or so. There is a post, called Fair Play, that is done every month that shows all the banned players.

They did one today.

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so then there are just so many auto creating bot accounts in war thunder that the ban waves do basically nothing in the short or long run. dang =(

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I kinda guess it’s a compliment to the popularity of the game.

Suffering from success…

there will always be people who cheat/bot in online games ether for money or lack of skill. They do what they can but a free to play game is easy to keep making more accounts.

They simply dont HWID ban. Still bypassable but it would deter alot of cheaters. Dont know why they dont though its kinda weird.

Edit: Its probably monetary reasons though since cheaters will still buy premiums and time on new accounts so its good for gaijoobles. But theyre improving their AC since around July last year at least so it should get better in the future/gaijin should get more money so more cool updates. PLS GIB AIR RB EC PLEASE.

no, if they did then the people using cheats would change them making it harder to detect them, and as to the second question they do a ban wave around every month on average

i would not call more then half of the player base playing your game that are bots is a “success” but that’s a good mind set to have

any actual evidence that more than half the players are bots, or is this just PIDOOMA?

sorry not half but a good 30k at least just look at the real live player counts and do the math easy

There are nowhere near that many bots in WT. It would be way more obvious if there were.

Again - what evidence for that number?

again look it up?

Look what up?

You haven’t shown any evidence of your claim being true. If there were lots of bots in WT matches, players would notice.

In a game like this, you need ranked battles. With manual registration using a passport or other identification documents.
Then the ban will be really important and it will just take 5 minutes to buy a new account.
Players who have confirmed their identity play with the same ones. Or has the opportunity to join the general population. Players from the general mass can never go to the ranked ones.

Or hard telemetry of your computer during the game with direct access to the entire computer.

There are no other options and there never will be.

Ban Waves are done, generally once a month, this time there was a gap of a month, hence why its quite high this time.

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