Ban for 3.2.3 unsporting behaviour

Hello Dear Gaijin, I has banned for 3.2.3 unsporting behaviour while in fact wasn’t using cheats, for che whole period about a year or more before the ban i was playing through GeForce Now, on my laptop, and 2-3 weeks before ban Using GeForce Now on my TV with gamepad and was banned, i make requests to anti cheat support but did not got the answer. Please unban me, cause i think the install of third party software is not possible on GeForce now and Got ban by mistake

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Me too, i don’t know what happened, i just play on my Laptop and sometimes i try to use Geforce now tu have better graphics… what we have to do?

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me too, I have not play on 2-3 month, today I’m login and I don’t know why my account has been banned

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Hi, were you able to do anything about it? In my case it was that someone accessed my account but I did not know it, I only saw that they had deleted all my templates and I thought it was a mistake of the game, what I did was to download gaijin pass just as a precaution and activate the two-step verifier, when I installed the gaijin pass I realized that someone had entered my account from Russia (I play from Spain) and a couple of weeks later I was banned, I put the request to support but they told me they could not do anything, almost two years playing and with premium account for them not to help me in anything? I don’t understand. I hope some moderator sees this and can help me, thank you very much.


I was banned for hacking too without a reason

What do you mean by “without a reason”?
Is cheating not a good enough reason for you?

Please read this post: