Ban appeal

Hello i am writing today to ask why my account has been banned i am a player of the game on the Xbox consol and have been since its release onto the platform, i have no idea how it has happened and i have a suspicion it could be possibly because my account has been hacked into because i have noticed my UI kept getting changed and preset loadouts would appear on my vehicles, all i know is i logged on a few weeks ago and saw all these strange changes and then i log back on tonight and now my account is permanently banned i have spent countless years and so much of my money on this game not cause i had to but because i felt invested into it a game i loved and i feel wronged for this something i never did so if you could reach out to me and please help me i would feel so relieved i want to spend many years to come playing this game and grinding to top tier.

you’ll need to contact a game master via a direct message, and it could take a while to get a response.

how do i do that?

Who is who and Reporting Procedure - #4 chose a game master to reach out to and then sit and wait. don’t get impatient like i did.

did it end up working in the end

its still in the process, i haven’t gotten any responses yet. also, read this. Who is who and Reporting Procedure

i appreciate it thank you so much, btw how long have you been waiting for?

Ive only been waiting about a day, but I’m not all that patient. my guess is it will take 3 days so my daily reward is fully reset just for extra salt in the wound.(i also dm’ed the wrong guy at first, so that doesnt help.)