Ban appeal

got banned for apparently using a third party software so i would ask to be unbanned because i don’t even know how to mod the game or at the very least i would like to have proof of me using said software that breached the contract. also i was banned for unsporting behavior not cheating so don’t know why it says i breached the use of third party software

I would suggest to speak with the support team and they can see into your problem.

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and where can i find the support team?


the links for ban problems dont work

i dont even know how to mod the game so cheating would be a stretch to say the least

You’d have to go through this maybe, and query the issue.

But reading elsewhere they say the bans are permanent.

Hope you get some progression.

Ignore that ivrabac, he’s just spamming the forums.


thank you

Most definitely. You aren’t here to answer anything, and you aren’t helping the query…

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As already noted, game ban issues are handled by the support team, we can’t help on the forums :)
@FlyingDoctor Thanks for the useful comments 🙂🤝