Ballistic computer won’t toggle off

Whenever I’m aiming at or tracking an enemy plane in close proximity to the ground my gunsight will change to a ballistic computer sight even when the ballistic computer is toggled off.

This only happens when I’m actively aiming at or tracking an enemy. When I’m not in aim mode or tracking mode my gunsight stays normal.

Linked is a video demonstrating what is described above:

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Does the same apply to RB difficulty?

Yes, it happens in both AB and RB.

I have similar problem. Cant aim with this bug.

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Yeah I gotta basically pre-fire and aim off the tracers now.

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Bruh we gonna reach the first big update of the year and this game braking bug hasn’t been fixed.

It’s radar gunsight, not ccip.

If you want that to turn off. Toggle your radar off or just put your pipa on the aircraft and fire and forget about the lead indicator given by the game


It is the ballistic computer. Even with radar turned off and gun ballistic computer turned off, if you are close to the ground and use tracking camera, the ground ballistic computer will automatically turn on leaving you with no crosshairs.