Balistic blocks for custom sights do not work

So ive been trying to make a custom sight for low velocity guns that alows for precice selection of range, and have used balistic blocks to add the range markings, only issue is that the sight markings that the balistic block code produces are wrong at anything above 200 metres:

In the abpve image, you can see that the target is at 795m according to the arcade rangefinder yet my sight must be set to 840m to have the penetration indicator on the KV2.
Here is a screenshot of the sight code and a copy of the sight as it currently is:

Strum_2_Sight_V4.blk (47.5 KB)

I was wondering if anyone else has problembs with balistic blocks? all the video tutorials ive seen for creating simulator sight manually plot all the sight values.

ill also mention gajin support were helpfull as ever and instead of checking if balistic blocks were broken just said something along the lines of “go to the forums for SDK issues”