Balancing SPAA's

We can all agree that the recently added panstir-S1 is OP, but there are many solutions to this problem. Such as Balancing other top tier SPAA’s like its competitor the Panstir-S1, we can start somewhere by fixing the ITO 90M. as already over powered the ITO 90M is, it can not compete against its competitor the Panstir-S1. For example the ITO 90M has a search radar range of 18.50KM, and a tracking director of 16KM, But i found a source that says other wise. “The ItO 90 is fitted with a 30 km range tracking radar, TV camera and infrared camera. The 20 km search radar allows for independent operation.”
Source: (ItO 90 |
The ADATS has also been severely nerfed.
(also fix the rp rewards, it went from bad to worse. even with premium account)

Random 3rd-party/private websites are not reliable sources at all.
Please share what is ADATS’ nerfs, maybe it can be passed on :)

For RP rewards, there are several changes planned in the coming updates, be patient :D

Unless it’s for Soviet vehicle*

Just give the Misssile SPAA’s their original control mode back and we’re good.

At the moment people can’t hit a barn door while standing right in front of it…and not because of a skill issue.