Balance idea for costal boats

That is just the type of target surface or air. Not the specific target the OP was asking for.

What laserdestroy is on about (I think) is that you can assign manual target to each type of gun (though no idea why primary is still on there)


Screenshot 2024-05-10 225602

So you could have secondary guns firing at target A, whilst territiary guns fire at target B whilst you fire at Target C with the Primarys

Though OP is talking about the auto-targeting AI guns just mincing you if they enter within about 5km in a PT boat

(Sitting in a coastal spawn in something like HMS London is just hilarious, cruel, but hilarious)


But it won’t fire at a specific target when you turn it back over to the AI. It will just go back to doing: surface, air, surface&air, or sitonyourhands.

It should, thats what the linked settings are for. In theory, at least.

Wouldn’t be WT if it did that.

You have to have surfance and air engagement enabled, but you can assign the targets they fire at manually.

It does

But… If the target is out of range, in this instance i had my MGs fire at teh destroyer. it then overrides and instead goes for a target it can hit, in this case the aircraft

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Yep, exactly this. It’s not even tied to the target lock function (so you won’t lose your range/lead), it simply assigns the closest enemy to the centre of your screen.

Which actually, might be the better way of doing it. In a rare moment for Gaijin