Balance between F-15A and F-15J

AIM-9M is fantastic missile, but we already know AAM-3 is much better because of 40G mobility.
But that’s not a big problem I think.
Main problem is that there is a irrationality in the difficulty of parts researching between two jets.

F-15A’s AIM-9 is located at tier 4, and F-15J’s one is located at tier 3.
This means 15A players should play game using missile without IRCCM(AIM-9L) until they reach to tier 4
But 15J players get IRCCM missile at tier 3. This will reduce the difficulty of research of tier 4 parts pretty much.

I think it is ok to move the F-15A’s AIM-9M to tier 3.

15a 15j


Not to mention F-15J NEVER USED AIM-9M, so it shouldn’t have that option at all. And the F-15A should get AIM-7P if F-15J gets AAM-3.


AAM-3 feels the same as 9M, I don’t know why but I doubt it actually can pull 40g

Because right now it is pretty much the same but with longer range due to less drag

This is completely false then?

Technically yes, because it’s only 40G on the stat card, but I doubt they would “nerf” it on the live version, dev server is subject to change after all