Badges and Decals of the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM)

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Introduction: In this post, I would like to propose the addition of the roundels, emblems and insignia of the various branches of the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) (Maltese: Il-Forzi Armati ta’ Malta).

Background: The core Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) was formed from the various Maltese regiments which were part of the British Army. Upon independence in 1964, Malta did not possess its own military, nor did it attempt to absorb Anglo-Maltese units, as the fledgling country leased out land to the British forces in Malta, which provided defence for the islands, as well as giving the UK a base of operations in the central Mediterranean. However, the Malta Land Forces were set up in 1965 to provide some territorial defence for Malta. This remained unchanged until 1970, when the British began withdrawing from East of Suez, Malta began losing its significance in British defence matters, and it was therefore necessary for the Maltese to pick up some slack. Between 1970 and 1971, the Royal Malta Artillery and the remainder of the King’s Own Malta Regiment were amalgamated into the MLF, eventually being renamed to the AFM in 1973, to reflect the wider array of tasks they now had to undertake. In 1980, the Task Force was created, which was an independent part of the AFM which was under direct command of the Prime Minister. In 1988, the AFM went through a reorganisation, when it was split into three regiments, with the Task Force being merged back into the AFM. Since then, the AFM has taken part in various jobs, from EOD to peacekeeping, to territorial defence to special operations. The latter received worldwide attention after a raid took back control of the El Hiblu 1 tanker in 2019. The AFM has also participated in missions outside of Europe, taking part in peacekeeping duties in Lebanon alongside the Irish as part of UNIFIL and training of Somalian soldiers in Uganda.



AFM Coat of Arms:

Coat of arms Armed forces of Malta.svg

AFM 1st Regiment emblem:

Emblème du 1st Regiment (Malte).svg

AFM Special Operations Unit emblem/patch:

File:AFM Special Operations Unit patch.svg

Conclusion: I believe that the AFM’s badges and decals would be a pretty interesting part of WT decal lineup, as well as bringing some much needed representation of the AFM to a wider audience. I hope to have represented the AFM as impartially and as accurately as possible, as finding information is quite challenging online.



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