Badge Of Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB)

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The Brazilian Expeditionary Force (portuguese: Força Expedicionária Brasileira, FEB) nicknamed “Cobras Fumantes (Smoking Snakes)” was a military division of the Brazilian Army and Air Force that fought in the mediterranean theatre in WW2.

Currently in War Thunder the badge of the Smoking Snakes is non-existent, and i think it would be a nice decal in the game.

Here the badge is shown:


This would be a great decal to be available on anniversaries, such as;

  • 19th April - Army Day (Dia do Exército)
  • 31st August - Entry of Brazil into WW2, 1942
  • 25th November-21 February - Battle of Monte Castello, 1944
  • 26th-29th April - Battle of Collecchio, 1945