Bad network connection

I haven’t seen any news posted by Gaijin, surprising. Bunch of people in air simulation battles booted from the game for the same reason at the same time “bad network connection” and eventually connection lost.

And right now, after restarting everything, speed testing the connection (normal as usual), I started the war thunder client and it’s stuck at “checking game updates, please wait…” next to play button.

Are servers okay?

Edit: skipping the client, started game from the folder without the client, all worked fine.

Not really a good thing to run the game through itself rather than the launcher.

That launcher, while it checks your update status, you can turn off what MAY be causing this by turning off the options in the settings in the launher attributed to P2P sharing, but it’s more often bad wifi/connection that causes trouble.

And in saying that, I was having a couple of matches earlier that were plagued by network issues, I asked the teams but didn’t get any response.

Played a couple of other matches and it was fine so it could be network congestion in another data center or a route that’s hammered.

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