Backwords compatibility, transfer pc account to console (PC to xbox/microsoft or PS)

I’ve been playing for ages on my laptop. It has like no power but I have So much progress on it. I want to play it on my xbox but there isn’t a way to log in with my gaijin account. Shouldn’t it be easy to create some sort of linking or login that would allow me to do this?

Currently not possible as far as I know and I think Gaijin have said it’ll never be possible. Console accounts are part owned/controlled by Sony/Microsoft who take a cut of all money transacted. I suspect you’ll just have to push on with it on your laptop, or start a new account on console but be aware that you’ll be locked out of certain things like PC sales, Gaijin market etc.

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You will get the sales mostly but not all Packs and they come a few weeks after on xbox on the ps they are instantly on Sale