B29/tu4 br

The b29 and tu4 are so unplayable at 7.3 and should be lowered to 6.3. b29 vs jets is too hard and u cant really win becuase the jets climb even better than u and their faster.

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What br for tu4? It is 8.3 rn and 6.3 is too low for it.

bombers are always slower than fighters and Tu-4/B29 still get their stuff done at that BR

at a lower BR they’d be untouchable (they already are to an extent) because they’ll shred through everything that tries to fight it

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If you want to win, use a fighter and contribute to your team.

6.3? they would be undefeatable
Higher br they are useless
no way to balance those bombers sadly

They might stand a chance if they started at 35,000 feet.

The biggest problem with Gaijin’s BR assignment to vehicles is based entirely on KDR metrics instead of common sense.

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eh what

They’re both fine at their BR

You say they are fine, but you have never flown either aircraft in any game mode, according to your in-game profile. Please don’t comment on issues you know nothing about.

Ok so G8N1, B-29, and Tu-4 get lowered. There goes the 6.0->6.7 br bracket since now its a carpet-bombed map.

Lower BR of higher tier bombers- they can somewhat defend themselves now
Double or triple AF HP- no 1 pass easy win for a couple bombers
Make all bases respawn- tactical bombers don’t have to fight AF AA while competing with strategic bombers
Make bases not necessary for bombing AF- strategic bombers won’t need to waste time on them or depend on tactical bombers
Increase interceptor air spawn- make them less vulnerable to fighters and more capable of catching bombers