B29 is fully extinct

With the introduction of su11, it is now effectively impossible to use b29.


i think I’ve contributed to their extinction in my vatour late…


As a tank main, how do you play SU-11? I have it and the crew is expert, it has like no ammo and I get a black screen every time I try to turn, shit is not easy to use man lol

Same with all russian fighters, you just have to try and head on or go for timings and try to one shot the enemy. The low ammo is bad but it does help by keeping you alive longer.

The Tu4 is even worse, it has basically the same stuff, but has to face missile frequently, which means your altitude is no longer relevant. The B29 is seen rarely mainly due to the IL28s and F84s sweeping the floor too quickly.

Well yea, big slow bombers dont exactly work in small maps with a ton of players. Not how they were meant to be used.

If someone wants to use these big bombers, learn and play sim.


(random yapping for word limit)

I took it out a few days ago, not fun fighting jets.

I managed to set a couple on fire though(my team mates killed one before I got the severe dmg bonus so I only got a assist)

Was glad I took a few out with me though.

The black screen is you pulling too many Gs and blacking out.

The only thing you can do is try not to pull so hard(some people say tapping W helps but I’ve have no idea what they mean since it just makes me gotta go fast)

Probably a good idea to drop your load then use it for anti-cas.

After the past year or so of anti bomber powercreep, its worse than ever, the main difference though is tu4 can shred even a high speed jet while b29 is lucky to start a non critical fire. Regardless Tu4 should NOT be seeing 9.0, In this current br range I think 7.3-7.7 would suffice.

oh also after the contrail update b29 tu4 stick out like a sore thumb so you get rushed 100 percent of the time now

I 100% agree with that. I think B29 and Tu4 should be 7.0 7.3 respectively.

b29 should go back to 6.7 and tu4 to 7.3-7.7 max

Players in warthunder want nothing more than an easy kill beacause of the grind. So they will go out of their way to hunt you down by any means necessary