B17A Should be rank II (possibly III) to help with grind

The B17A, a great light bomber capable of dogfighting anything it comes across with a full 500kg bomb load. Currently its a rank I i say it should be Rank II or maybe even rank III if it gets the rocket loadouts that one version had.

This would not really trouble the B17A since its highly manoeuvrable and has a somewhat decent speed. Only limit is its max bomb-load. But id say it should be a higher br, this would help grinding and create a better opportunity br wise.

Would also be a better CAS aircraft for ground RB if it was viable to use at 2.3 - 4.0


And there are reports and suggestions regarding a 1946 variant being able to use rockets. If this variant was added/if it became a modification for the current B17A. It would be a furtherly better reason for it to be placed higher.

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Just write what BR and Battle rating you think it should have so its easier to express why you feel it should be the there.

How many rockets could it carry?


From the looks of it 4 total, and the centre bomb carriage. with the 500kg, 250kg or 50kgยดs

These are the rockets it was capable of carrying:

Nice. Might change my mind about its BR with those kind of stats. Also those words are awesome on the table ๐Ÿ˜‚

Edit- Do you know if there are any versions with better engines or better/more gun?