B1 Centauro Hitfist 25

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Description: The B1 Centauro Hifist 25 was an Italian testbed, made by a B1 Centauro hull fitted with a Hitfist 25 turret of the Freccia IFV. Starting with the B1 Centauro history, the project started back in the eighties when the Italian army requested a new tank destroyer/light vehicle to support the MBTE line. OTO Melara won the competition with its B1, later called Centauro. The first of nine prototypes was made in 1984. The Italian army ordered a total of 400 units that were made between 1992 and 2006. It was also adopted by the Spanish army in a total of 84 units. In 2014, 141 units decommissioned by the Italian army were sold to Jordan. Recently, the remaining B1 Centauro in service with the Italian army was decommissioned and replaced with the B2 Centauro. This one is specific; it was not a normal B1, but a testbed used to test the Hitfist 25 turret, an ifv turret fitted with a 25 mm Oerlikon cannon and two spike LR and LR2 missile launchers. There are not many details about this prototype in the specifics, but considering it’s camo, it was probably a test unit owned by OTO Melara used to test various systems and turrets.

Why it should be in game: It could be a nice even veichle since in the main tt the Freccia is alredy present






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I never knew you could submit a suggestion without a poll.

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I think he forgot to add it


I would like to see this light vehicle as a premium vehicle at BR 10.0.

So that we can have premium vehicles as good as the larger nations at high BR.


okey looks like not much different then vbc but i love centauro hull so it can be a folder with it so +1


Thinking as a premium or as a Squadron vehicle
Kinda perfect as a squadron vehicle

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