[AYAME] Is Recruiting - With Subclans [NENE] and [OKAYU]!

Hello! AYAME is a fairly relaxed clan with members from the US, EU and Asia. We play ground, air and naval, mostly in RB but also AB and SB too. We also have an active DCS group, as well as several other games.

We are, of course, mostly made up of VTuber enthusiasts and weebs (But not the weird kind).

If AYAME is full, please apply to NENE or OKAYU instead.

Join our Discord at [AYAME] Gaming Community Server, and contact an officer if you’re interested in membership.

Join us today!

First bump has to be the cute oni herself, of course. Join [AYAME] for more Ayame today!

New cover song from everyone’s favourite purple cat, also featuring the comedian shark!