Axillary Ground Vehicles Tech-tree.

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I have a concept for improving team-play in Ground Forces that I would like you to hear.

This concept is Adding a Tech-tree, for all nations, comprised of Ammo Carriers, Combat Medical Vehicles, Bridge Layers, Armoured Repair/Recovery Vehicles and (possibly with addition of Anti-Tank Land Mines/Optional) Mine Clearing Vehicles.

To break this concept to you down. How it works, What each vehicle type does, the way you research them and their Modifications.

Part 1: How it works.

When you are on the spawn menu, there will be drop down menu similar to Payload menu for Aircraft. within this menu will be the selection of Axillary Vehicles to choose from that are either at or below the BR you are play at. Selecting one will spawn you with that vehicle beside you at the cost of addition spawn points. (Optionally: you get a 1.5x score multiplier from spawn with it within first 3 - 5 mins after spawning/as long as the Axillary Vehicle is still alive within that time.[E.g. You get 250 score for getting a kill on an enemy tank, but spawning with an Axillary Vehicle with net you an additional 175 score])

So there will be risk vs reward aspect to spawning with one, as each inaction your teammates make with the Axillary Vehicle you’ve spawned with will net you score and spawn points for as long as it is alive. Enemies and yourself can earn 1.25x score for killing an Axillary vehicle. So watch out if yours gets destroyed, it might give the enemy player enough spawn points to spawn into something nasty.

Axillary Vehicles will mostly be controlled by AI as there will be an option to switch control to them on the fly. Whilst controlling it, your main vehicle won’t fire upon enemies unless fired upon (This is to prevent players using bot scripts from exploiting Gaijin’s Tank AI.). Also you can use them to cap points whilst being in control of them.

Part 2: What each vehicle type does.



Ammo Carriers:

Ammo Carriers such as the M30 here will be able to resupply ammo to yourself and teammates, but with a limit of how many resupplies it can provide, plus the double edged sword of becoming a bomb when destroyed. Most Rank 1 ammo carriers will be soft skinned trucks but as you progress you’ll get much more armoured ammo carriers. If an ammo carrier runs out of ammo resupplies, it can regain them at a cap point but may take time to return to full.

Combat Medical Vehicles:

Combat Medical Vehicles with provide crew replenishment up to maximum 3 crew to each tank (depending on what modifications unlocked/access to, the base is 1 crew replenishment) in addition to the 1 crew you can receive from a cap point. Being near one will also heal crew members that have been badly injured (orange/red) to being light wounded (yellow) over a period of time. Like the ammo carrier, it will have limited uses due to medical supplies not being infinite and have to resupply these at a cap point. (Note: The crew of this vehicle cannot replenish itself or from a friendly Combat Medical Vehicle, only from cap points.)



Bridge Layers:

Bridge Layers, well… do I even need explain this one? They bridge gaps… that’s it… Oh you want more, well they can create new ways out of spawn on some maps, open up new flanking routes, allow you to cross rivers faster, fix destroyed bridges, etc. You’ll earn spawn points and score for each time a teammate cross over it (there will be a score accumulation cool-down/once per spawn to avoid score and spawn point farming). The deployed bridge from the Bridge Layer can take damage/be destroyed and laying can take time (you can switch to it get it to deploy the bridge, switch back to your main vehicle so can guard it whilst it will continues to deploy the bridge where you wanted it.) so watch for enemies as it will be unable to move for some time. Bridge Layers will be able to retrieve their deployed bridges, but theirs happens to get destroyed, then the nearest Cap point is the only option to get it back. (not that you’d really want to… what would be the point.)


Armoured Repair/Recovery Vehicles:

They repair and recover tanks…

Okay; okay, I’ll be serious. If a teammate flipped/stuck, they can get them back on their wheels/tracks or out of ditches much easier than using you tank and you can earn score for doing it (but only 1 time per even 2 minutes, so no farming by having multiple teammates throw themselves off a cliff with aims of flipping themselves.) They will also repair allies faster with up to a 1.75x repair time reduction (based on modification unlocked) but the repairs these vehicles can provide will be limited as spare parts will need to resupplied at a Cap Point.

WG400 Mine Clearance Vehicle

(Optional) Mine Clearing Vehicles:

Yes; yes… I know the image above looks like a Combine Harvester had a baby with a Compact Construction Digger, but that’s an actual Mine Clearing Vehicle. No, I’m serious. Anyway, you earn score/spawn points for clearing mines, the mine clearing tool will take damage over time and can only be repaired back to partial working condition unless you are at a Cap Point.

Part 3: The way you research them.

Much like the way you research helicopters in game, the same amount of research points earned for the tank you’re researching will also same amount earned for the Axillary Vehicle you’re researching (Optionally: [As a lot of players are at the top ranks and researching a new tech-tree from the beginning] You get research bonus for any Axillary Vehicle below the rank Rank unlocked on the main ground tech tree. You know, like having premium vehicle.)

Part 4: Their Modifications.

Axillary Vehicles will come with their own unique modifications.

E.g. Improved Logistics: Increased speed and range of resupply of near by Friendly Vehicles. Better Medical Supplies: Faster Friendly Tank Crew healing. Field Surgery: +1 Friendly Tank Crew Replenishment. etc.

Each will provide different improvements to how well the Axillary Vehicle performs in supporting you and your teammates.

So, thoughts…


Cool idea. I dont think its compatible with our current gamemode though. If Gaijin made a gamemode for tanks that was slower paced/larger scaled I think these vehicles would work very well.

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I think the only one suitable for joining the game is the ammunition supply vehicle, which has a rebirth mechanism like a drone

This is a game where the window lickers constantly complain about bombers ruining their matches because they refuse to play the same meta as them…


We also need mines so mine protection is useful

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I’ll take the bridge layer to make them able to get over it.


Hard to realize but nice. +1 for me.

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What about also them beeing able to pull AA and AT guns, that maybe maybe can then also shot while behind you or disconected and slowly driven seperatly like the Goliat bomb from the Sturmtiger Event?

its a nice well-made post but it would be a no from me. I don’t feel it’s what the game needs right now. Low tier is about the only unmolested safe space in War Thunder right at the moment.

+1 from me, though I’d rather see a researchable line of them, maybe with a free crewslot dedicated to support vehicles. Could add support ships and planes down the line as well.

Give the whole lot of them a baseline ammo and medical support, with vehicles for intended roles being better at that specific thing. An ammo carrier will have a max capacity as you suggest but will be able to supply any tank with shells until run out, while a combat ambulance can only ressuply you with a percentage of your total ammo capacity increasing with br but can fully heal all crew and provide additional crew where the ammo carrier can only partially heal crew or fully heal one crrew member.

It could also include apc’s that don’t have any form of anti tank weaponry being able to help others with everything as well as deploying a recon team to feed intel to the team

I can’t support it as it’s just not practical, and while I’m all for mode overhauls these things would essentially require an entirely different game from what we have currently.

Additionally, we already have enough issues trying to convince people to play SPAA. Complicating matters further with vehicles that can’t defend themselves whatsoever is just a terrible idea. They will remain largely unplayed and prove to be a waste of resources.

The main way i see this being implemented is it being an optional vehicle like Strike drone and Nuke bombers but with a low SP cost, either like an SPAA or lower
You could have a slot which gives you a drop down menu based on the current BR/Tier for it and at which point they could have different SP cost mainly based on the Speed since armor would be quite pointless without a gun

Reasons for using it could be just running out of vehicles and still wanting to continue the game or possibly lack some SP for an MBT so you could spawn it, do a refill or repair for a small amount of SP and possibly a small amount of RP+SL

This would make a lot of sense if we had a Ground Enduring Confrontations game mode.

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I’m not so sure about the APC being the vehicle for spotting buffs would be the right fit for this tech tree.

But there is one vehicle I left out that would fulfill that roll, Armoured Command Vehicles.

Admittedly I did forget about these but at the same time, I also couldn’t think of a good way for it to work with the spotting mechanic and give it limit. I did consider the benefit being either auto spotting, less spotting icon spread or spotting for tanks that are not light tanks.

There is one ability that it would get from its modifications. The “False Intel” modification, which allows the deployment of decoy vehicles to fool your enemies.

[If anyone has ideas for what base (non-modification) ability Command Vehicles would get in relation to the spotting mechanic, please comment below.]

Well maybe not have a spotting buff, but still have the recon teams. Mostly just because having actual offensive teams could be very very annoying on a lot of maps. And if they were to reinforce points with AT crews they’d have to tow br appropriate AT guns for a lot of the lower brs.

Command vehicles could maybe issue orders that’d net both the command vehicle and anybody who works to complete the order points. Let it place down an attack or defend point anywhere on the map, probably on a cooldown and unable to be places near spawns kinda similar to artillery to avoid abusing it, the command vehicle gets points for succesful completion of the order and anybody who has worked towards it gains a small amount of points too.

Can my crew get an ice cream truck pls

For Germany, these could include Sd.Kfz.251 and 250, which are armed with 2x Mg 34 or Mg 42 and be given S.m.K.H ammo with 20mm/10m and 19mm/100m. At low ranks, these would be able to destroy even light tanks such as Bt-5&7, Tetrach, M2A2, Ke-Ni, T-26 and so on.

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You could make a skin to makes one of these vehicles look like one.