Avro Vulcan to war thunder

I,m just suggesting that we add the British Avro Vulcan to war thunder and of course with its iconic sound, being that we already have the buccaneer there should be no reason not to add it to war thunder?


I would like to see it, but bombers are mostly obsolete in higher tiers.

Really cool plane, thoroughly not suited to war thunder. It has no defenseive armament, and has no countermeasures. It was designed to use its speed and altitude to protect it, and in war thunder what that translates to is either instant death to anyone who gets close to you, or games that last for way too long because you are in space and noone can catch you. Maybe if they add a different way for bombers to play it could work but right now it just doesnt fit into the game. the buccaneer is different, as it gets countermeasures and has decent CAS usage, and can carry Aim9B’s if you really want to try and hunt planes

The Vulcan actually had a massive number of countermeasures. It could carry up to 4,680 chaff packets or a mixed load of 528 flares and 936 chaff packets. It also had a tail warning radar which could warn the crew of both aircraft, and missiles, approaching from behind.

If anti-radiation missiles get added the Vulcan could have a niche as a SEAD aircraft, as it gets both AGM-45 and Martel anti-radiation air-to-ground missiles.

and can carry Aim9B’s if you really want to try and hunt planes

A single Vulcan was apparently modified in the Falklands War to carry a pair of AIM-9G Sidewinders.


So GJN would only give it 264 flares & chaff on mixed, if the way they have dealt with the Tornado is anything to go by.

This is a duplicate to Flame2512’s post on the old forum. Hopefully they will allow him to repost his entire suggestion that was open for discussion.

Gaijin have already talked about anti-radiation missiles and why they havent/wont add them just yet, but the underlying problem is still there, it is a high altitude strategic bomber that would be either fodder, or uncatchable, ther is no inbetween with these sort of vehicles. as the game works right now, they have no place

Your forgetting it’s also an extreme low alt bomber aswell. And it would not be uncatchable, since the Buccaneer is neither fodder nor uncatchable and it works perfectly well. The Vulcan has similar top speed, 5 more bombs and is only less maneuverable but has countermeasures compared to the Buccaneer when carrying max payload.

Flame you need to respost your original post that is detailed, since this discussion with the lack of details in the beginning will not get passed.

I had a discussion topic for the Vulcan, and a formal suggestion. The suggestions area still seems to be closed (you can’t make new posts there).

When I get a chance (will probably be very busy the next few days) I will post the discussion topic again, then do the formal suggestion when the section reopens.

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