Avro Lincoln missing 4000lb Cookie that may make it (slightly) more worthwhile to play

Currently the Avro Lincoln is a very rare sight in game, would having its real life bomb options make a difference and justify grinding the plane?

In game the Avro Lincoln B.II has a max bomb size of 1000lb (x14 = 14000lb total max). In real life it could carry both more options and like the Lancaster it was derived from, considerably more weight.

Notably missing is the 4000lb Cookie. The bomb bay was essentially identical to the Lancaster with the centre point certainly capable of carrying the weight of larger loads than the current bombs.

Pic of Cookie in an Aussie Lincoln.


Screenshots from Warpaint #34 referencing British use…

Combat drops in Malaya

Demonstration in Pakistan

Addition reference to even larger loads, although tbh Tallboy and Grandslam would be of limited usefullness.


It’d certainly help. Though I played mine for the increased defensive firepower and better engines. Or at least it felt like better engines. Might be worth Bug reporting if you’ve got the cover for that book, and you can dig up another reasonable source.