Avoiding spawncamping in Air AB

I’m having major troubles avoiding spawncamping in Air AB, I’m mainly using the S-199 Sakeen, and quite often I experience what feels like spiteful targeting. Certain players will see my Sakeen and dive, and no matter how hard I dive and turn, no matter how many split-s maneuvers I perform, they continue to follow me. I usually end up having to glide around and continuously keep watch or die, mainly because the Sakeen cannot run away.

It seems people like to target Sakeens (from what I’ve witnessed), and I can’t take preventative measures as I am not capable of climbing, turning, or accelerating with it. I want to use the Sakeen but I find myself suffering from factors I don’t believe I am capable of controlling.

Do I just leave the match? It seems like a pitiful resolution, I often try to stay to the very end of any match, and I just want to ace the crew of my Sakeen.

I use the Sakeen often to do my tasks and don’t observe the behavior you mention. As a general rule, when spawn camped, go for ground. If you only have the Sakeen in your lineup, you can’t do that effectively. And if you have anything else in your lineup, you fly at a much higher BR.

In matches, I observe Sakeens usually as agressively flown planes. I would suspect that Sakeens are usually spam busses for certain (pvp) tasks - that is what I use them for too.

Sakeen players are therefore easily pushed out of matches. They have only 3 spawns with their lineup. And if they do a typical task, there is no need to use a backup. Just rinse and repeat.

I usually get 3 kills per Sakeen minimum, I might inspire targeting via my kill count but still. I use my Sakeen to target clumps of hostiles harassing my teammates, I can usually tear through the aggressors and back off and wait for my allies to get attacked again.

At the beginning of the match, because its so hectic and I’m likely to get targeted off the start, I will engage bombers and attackers before starting to kill fighters.

Also the commonality of being targeted is around 1 in 17 matches, usually I observe spawncamping is around 1 in 5. Its not incredibly common but its noticable and irritatingly common for what I would assume to not be.