AV-8C Custom loadout when?

Hey there fellow Snail enthusiasts and the snail itself!

When could the AV-8C in the US Tech-tree finally get custom secondary loadouts? It’s the only Harrier that does not have them and I can’t think of a reason why.

AV-8A has Custom Secondary Loadouts (CSL), GR. 1-7 has them, AV-8B Plus has them, Sea Harrier has them… So why doesn’t the AV-8C have CSL?

It Would also be pretty cool if we could get the AV-8B Plus for the US, since the US Marines had it and it was deployed in combat missions.

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Already has them.


guessing you haven’t seen it have you?

oh… my bad then. Wasn’t able to make any so I figured it wasn’t implemented yet

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