Autocannons and their magazines and type of ammnution

Hello guys,

Since more and more IFVs with autocannons are in game, how about we change the magazine mechanic? For instance 2S38 has 20 round magazine, but when it changes the type of ammunition, it magicaly has 19 rounds of APHE/Sabot/HE-VT and not the last type of chosen ammo. Since the reload on these vehicles is about 0,5s, it makes so much harder to counter them.

My idea is change the magazine mechanic the way that in hangar or lobby you can specify the ammo that will be in the magazine and it will restore from the ammo racks. For instance you will set your magazine to have 10 Sabots, 5APHE and 5HE-VT, but in ammo racks you will still have like 30-40 from each piece. So in theory, when you shoot out all 10 sabots, you have only 5APHE and 5HE-VT and the 10 Sabots must load the same way from ammo racks like when you empty the whole magazine right now. Changing the type of ammo to a different would work the same way, so it still will be 0.5s, however, you will have in magazine only the amount that can fit and is specified.

This would make the game more realistic and also balance the fact of these IFV’s which now in 10 seconds can shoot down MBT, light tank, helicopter and airplane. I believe that the IFV’s would be still really much of use but the mechanic would make sense and bring more space for the MBT’s on the high tier.

I’m open to discussion about this and I will be glad if anyone could bring more insight and adjustments for my topic.

Thank you for reading this far and best regards,
Your fellow RB enjoyer.


Good idea.