Autocannone da 47/32 su Lancia 3Ro

True, in some cases HEATs may not be useful, but as I say, “Explores well = HE, pierces well = AP”. Two birds with one stone.

One of the few vehicles where I carry only 1 type of ammunition in battle is: “100/17 Lance 3Ro” with HESH.
HESH for that rank is powerful enough to destroy both light and heavy tanks.

True true the 100 mm HESH are very powerful. With that ammo you can kill T-34 frontally and Tiger.

If you have bothered to read my comment I’ve been stating that the survivability for the AS-42 or its SPAA Counterpart was near 0. It’s exposed to the elements however the truck on the other hand was still covered. Its survivability was still significantly higher than the open-to-everything chassis.

One more thing the truck being pointed in a different direction would still give it the chance of scooting and then shooting somewhere else and trying to use the excuse. “USE HE” is just a waste of time. Especially when you need to prioritize other more important targets.

I’m also aware I’m replying to the wrong comment. But this was still referring to one of your previous posts.

Now with that good day/afternoon or night.

Yes…We had read your comment correctly and understood that when you referred to the AS-42 you meant that it was all uncovered… As we tried to explain to you that you were in error if you think the truck is more covered than the AS-42.

And at the risk of being repetitive but in righteous, the truck that you claim is covered, is not. It is literally a “cabriolet.”

The chest with the gun and gunners on it is open-top…

If you think those pieces of wood you see in the picture can stop bullets from a machine gun, you’re wrong, and if you think the driver’s cab is armored, you’re wrong again, it will be defended by 1mm structural steel plates you can pierce it with your finger.

I advise you to rest it is obvious that when you wrote your comment you were tired

Typo corrected

Well at close range (<100 meters) you will definitely get punctured. At smaller distances the possibility decreases but it is still very present, and we also count that those banks are relatively low to allow the cannon to be turned.

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I just tested for machine guns:

  1. Caliber 50. (12mm AP): drills and demolishes this truck even at 2000m (2km)
  2. While the 7.7 caliber (7mm AP): can drill and destroy the vehicle at a distance of 600m

If you don’t believe it go to the hangar and test it with the “100/17 Lance 3 Ro”: Same vehicle but with different cannon mounted on it.

Nothing against your opinion, but I wanted to point out that at least this Lancia 3Ro has sides that are a little higher than the one in play. It wouldn’t change almost anything obviously.


How about you start driving? Or was that an afterthought :D. A real battle≠simulated one.
Their very different scenarios. Hiding in trees makes it a bit more difficult to spot. Noticing a plane coming into firing position =evasive maneuvers while driving. A lot of this isn’t possible to maximize your survivability in an armored car that decided to expose itself to anything including guys with maces. Vs trucks, it’s significantly higher to survive.

Trying to use the claim “Oh I tested it” it wouldn’t do well. Is the equivalent of me buying a shitty slice of pizza from Italy and saying Italian Pizza is just hot garbage. Both fail to factor everything into consideration however what is plain and straight forward is that an armored car still has a higher degree of survivability then a directly posed to machine gun fire. As I’ve stated in my previous text even a couple of seconds matters between life and death.

The little stuff greatly improves the chances of surviving. Sure it’s little but it makes a massive impact.


If you are referring to the “Lance 3Ro” I have already tried it in combat several times:

  • The truck gives the best on paved road where it can reach high speeds.
  • Discreet on terrain.
  • Bad on mud, better the wagons that have tracks.
  • Literally makes bad turns in driving.

It applies to all tanks what you say not just this truck

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