Auto server selection queueing for SA and NA, not "best ping". Also can't raise a bug report because Gaijin pass isn't working

SA was supposedly removed from the server list because “Auto will select best ping and select it for you”. I am aware SA being gone from the list is not a bug, the issue I’m experiencing is that this is not working and auto keeps queueing me for SA and NA with no way to deselect NA:

NA is unplayble for me and is very far from “best ping”. SA runs at ~170ms for me and NA at ~280ms, geographically, my very internet runs through Asia before it heads it North America.

This does appear to be an intermittent issue as restarting the game does periodically show auto only selecting and queueing for SA, not both.

I would love to raise that as a bug, however I can’t login to the issue tracker because Gaijin pass is not working (just getting a shield snail logo in the middle of the app, no code, etc.)
So if anyone is feeling helpful, I would be truly grateful if they could take this information and raise a bug report for me.

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It was already put in your last thread…

Now the server “SA” is in “Auto”. If this region is really better for you in terms of ping, then you need to use an auto cluster.

This is not my issue.
The bug is that auto is NOT selecting servers based on best ping and forcing it to NA.

Your issue then isn’t that it’s the ping, it’s the amount of players on the server that is causing it to find a match on the other set.

Turn on the ‘join already started match’ or whatever that toggle is to make it join only fresh ones is about the best you can do.

Which - if it is the case where auto does not select based on ping as has been expressed - is a problem and is both poorly thought out and poorly communicated.

I do not care if I have to wait 3 or 4 minutes for a game, waiting 2 or 3 minutes for a game is far far better than being dropped into unplayable ground matches at 280ms ping with a 30s queue.

I feel there is a reason for it to be this way currently, but it may be resolved before long.

With your issues login issue, if it’s on the browser or something, clear the cache maybe?

I use the web browser to jump on there myself, and it’s just working currently.

Disregard anyway, I just discovered I can login to bug report from inside the game

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lol yea, that is a handy method too. Do get that other method fixed though, that could even be something to like log out and log back in maybe? I have no idea what app you’re using.

Even maybe even just power cycle the device it’s using.

Cheers mate, I’m using GaijinPass. Go figure.

Yea, do a full powercycle, even leave it off for a minute and give it another go.

Yeah, end up disabling Gaijinpass and setting up Google authenticator.
Ticket is here for anyone else who may be interested: