Auto loaders, why aren’t they modeled?

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There is absolutely no reason Autoloaders shouldn’t be modeled. This provides a massive unrealistic advantage to any tank with an auto loader. On tanks with manual loaders their loader can be killed resulting in slower reloads. My proposal is to make auto loaders a physical model so they can be knocked out (still able to be repaired of course). When they are slightly damaged they should be forced to operate at lower speeds. Adding this would also allow gaijin to make auto loaders quicker. To my knowledge the Russian auto loaders can reload at a rate of 4-5 second (correct me if I’m wrong on this) if the round they are loading is next up in the cycle. So it would kind of be a buff and a nerf at the same time. Please let me know what your thoughts are on this I think it would be an interesting discussion.
(It told me I can only put two tags so France and Japan would also be on here not specifically Russia and China)

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First foremost manual loading needs to become realistically hampered by tank movement and human error, fatigue.
But that would reduce all reloads in the game down to br 1.0


Sure, right after they give 'em all 3s reload during standstill & slow speed driving ;)

Oh, and also make sure to include autoloaders jamming and breaking down during normal operations since you’re numbering in human error…


The tanks that would primarily benefit from these being added are NATO tanks which are already strong, mobility + penetration aftereffects is king in this game. And NATO tanks have already received buffs on reload speed putting them at 5 seconds. Autoloaders are typically not designed to operate that fast, with rare exceptions like Japan. Actual war looks very different from War Thunders CQB hill camping and sound wh*ring, having a super fast fire rate is not a high priority in the eyes of most militaries. Russian/Chinese autoloaders are not able to reload at 4-5 seconds. Even the newest VT-4A1 for China has ~6.X second reload, and in most cases when these vehicles are penetrated the breach gets knocked out anyways.

Now, of course as somebody who enjoys greater realism I’m not totally against adding the modules in even if they will be a nerf. However it would require the game to shift towards more balanced and realistic combat, like IDK, maybe removing CQB/urban fighting from most maps (9.3+ BR)? Or perhaps forcing players to use gunner sights instead of the bogus barrel LoS sight we have now… If those changes are done, sure I can see autoloader modules being added and it wouldn’t make the tanks with them unplayably bad.


That is only the Abrams (should be all of them)

I agree we need a lot more very long range maps only problem is rendering

I’ll do more digging from everything I’ve heard and seen the reload if the round is next in the cycle on at least Russian autoloaders (idk if the Chinese use the same one) was like 4 or 5 seconds.

Only one NATO tank has a 5 second reload. And thats the abrams.

the same reason why fatigue for human loader is not modeled

i guess uk japan does not count

Refer to here

Leclerc tanks would like a word with you.


Leclerc is 6 seconds no?

No, it was buffed to 5 s in the last patch.

Only 3 years too late 🤡

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Not the nerf you think it is. Only carousel autoloaders would be affected (and pretty massively at that). Bustle autoloaders have all their components compartmentalised within the actual autoloader:

In the case of the Leclerc, the gun has to depress to -1.8° whereby the autoloader door will open and insert a round in the breech.

Similar case with the Type 90 and Type 10:

So the only way a autoloader could be damaged is if it takes a direct hit to the bustle which means the ammo would cook off - so you’d be sitting on a cap for a minute waiting for your ammo to replenish. So it’d be pretty redundant to model bustle autoloaders.

As for carousel autoloaders, well it’s not as if they have really have a reload advantage in the first place.


There is no functional reason why autoloaders should have models.

If you hit the autoloader you hit the ammo and thus blew up the tank.

You cannot just hit an autoloader, it will always go through ammo.

Soviet autoloaders are correct at 7.1 seconds.


That’s just not true. BVM, T90M, T72B3, T90A all of these tanks are known to have problems with their ammo not blowing up.

lmao, look at Abrams, are you looking for realism here?
a 100% safe pressure relief valve, even if the partition is penetrated, can function normally?
how about we first determine the fire of the pressure relief valve as death?
Instead of pretending nothing happened after burning for a while


All tanks experienced that bug for a number of people, the bug was fixed half a year+ ago.
So stop peddling that lie.

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I don’t remember carrying more than 30-40 rounds in my tank, let alone the hundreds to thousands needed for even the most minor of failure.

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Still happens occasionally with 2-stage ammo