Austria-Hungary naval fleet as a German sub TT (?)

Austria-Hungary fleet was composed both with costal/river patrol boats, torpedo boats and with cruisers, destroyers and battleships and even submarines. Austria Hungary navy has a brief but interesting history during the late 800s to 1920s. Its role was to protect and to strengthen Austria Hungary kingdom interests towards lower regions of the Mediterranean sea, involving itself in active conflict during WW1.

For this reason, Austria Hungary TT may lack of contents that can compare an hypothetical early, late ww2 and cold war naval warfare already included in war thunder nations with a naval branch.
Surely imho austria-hungary needs to be (at least) taken into account where it comes of naval.
What do you think? Would you like to give this as try?

Hungary is already a sub-tree for Italy so wouldn’t their potential navy go there?

War Thunder logic… That’s why…