ATGMs don’t trigger overpressure

After a recent update, as in current game version, most (if not all) ATGMs with HEAT warhead, including those on vehicles, helicopters, gun-launched ATGMS, and fixed-wing aircraft, do not trigger overpressure. This issue is consistent in live battles, but the easy ways to replicate them in test drive are as follows:

For ATGMs on vehicles:
Go to test drive in the French premium vehicle AMX-13 (SS.11), since it has 4 ATGMs, and you can find a German 37mm Flak truck that’s completely open top in the test drive. Fire a missile at the SPAA. By right the SPAA should be one-shot due to overpressure. However, in current patch, there’s only the limited damaging effect from HEAT jet. A screenshot of the scenario can be seen below.

For ATGMs on helicopters:
Go to test flight in the Ka-50 with Vikhr missile. In the scene there’s a M163. Fire a missile at its turret from low altitude (shooting the hull or high impact angle might result in the jet one-shotting the vehicle). Do not fire at the M113 as they still have hull break. Again, the missile should one-shot the open top M163 by overpressure, but nothing happened except a lost gunner. A screenshot of the scenario can be seen below.

For ATGMs on fixed-wing aircraft:
Go to test flight in the Su-39 with Vikhr missile. Fire at the SPAA or Vehicle (American truck) in the map. Note that the Kh-29 and Kh-25 seem fine, as they have HE warhead instead of HEAT.


I’d like to add on to this, that in my T-80UK ive had atgms that just DON’T overpressure things like wolfpacks where they should

I don’t mind these at all since I hate CAS in ground battles, I hope Gaijin only fix the ATGM on ground vehicles, and leave the ATGM/AGM on aircraft stayed broken, this will keep ground mains happier bros.

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not a bug. players complain too much.

I just finished one game, I use Chinese helicopter Z10, and AKD10 AGM.
Hit Japanese AA like 4 times, can’t even kill one crew. Funny?
We call that “power of shareholder”


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Same,that bug is bullshit

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Ground mains need to grind their respective AA. I’m sorry but anything with little armor would get devastated by a vikhr atgm and other atgms like Mavericks and hellfires.

Don’t balance games with this guy’s feelings please, there is more fun in asymmetrical warfare for good reasons. Here’s source of vikhr damage to something more armored than a M163:

If you watch closely, the missile wasn’t even a direct hit and it caused so much devastation and damage to the bradley crew/IFV.

FYI Bradley is much more armored(not much) then the metal box of a M163.

Gaijin please fix, this is not even remotely close to how these missiles act in real life and these people complaining should just go back to World of Tanks where life is simple for them and balanced.

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there is no balance to speak of. this is a bug thats not suppose to happen anyway. They state atgm will and should do overpressure damage. Currently on this patch atgm do not overpressure anything. if a open top chappral takes 4 or 5 hot3 for me to kill cause i got to crew snipe using a 6kg TNT warhead then thats simply ridiculous and need to be addressed quickly to bring back to normal.

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I have a post and a bug report abaute the ki-148 not working.
The he-at beam penetrats the ship but there is not any exposion on the damage display.