ATGM noticeable sound

Noticed recently when an ATGM is launched from a vehicle it makes a sort of clap sound, issue with this being, you can hear it anywhere in the game, 2km out? clap
Spawn a plane 10km out? clap range from launch doesn’t matter you still hear it either way

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They all uses the same sound I think, it has become a muscle memory that I would just reverse back to cover whenever I hear it comes from a direction where my teammates isn’t present, my T-55AMD has renders the heli ATGM useless too, I consider this another ATGM nerf, no problem with heli because they are cancer tumour anyway. But things like BMP-2 and IT-1 with slow missiles has become extremely tricky to use, on top of being slow and drunk you also have to deal with the added sound which alert the enemy with headset.

I’m sorry but what you are talking about is unrelated to the problem, the problem is a sound one, the fact you hear a very distinct and noticeable clap anywhere in a game when an atgm is fired

Why do ATGM’s souns like mice when fired


ive been hearing that muffled clap sound since so long i assumed it was a bug of sorts but i never knew what it was…
god dayum cyka.

gaijin plz fix

also make a bug report with a vid recording plz