ATGM Carrier sights shift after moving the vehicle

Im not a person that uses the forum often, but im experiencing an annoying bug over and over again with many atgm carrier currently in the game(m113A1,CM25,Wiesel 1A2,AFT09) i could not test everyone but these are the ones with this bug.

The bug is about the gunner sights if these vehicles, if you spawn in, they are in the center of your mouse circle like every other vehicle, but after driving around a bit especially over hilly terrain, the sight moves more to the right or left side of your circle und you dont aim at your view anymore .
I know at the moment nobody wants the play these vehicles but this bug makes aiming even harder.
Interestingly the Mephisto doesnt have this bug but the AFT09 does although they are quite similar.

Example with CM25: