At wit's end with unauthorized use of my account

As the title says.

Someone is Russia is able to get into my account and I haven’t an idea why? I’ve have 2FA on my Gaijin account and my email, I’ve run virus scans, I’ve changed my passwords ad nauseum, I’ve made sure my computer is not a trusted device (so it has to do 2fA everytime) I’ve used VPNs, and absolutely nothing has prevented my account from being used. Does anyone have any ideas that isn’t the same canned response from Gaijin?

Are you sure you aren’t playing in your sleep?
I wish someone would grind for me…

jk I have no idea other than don’t use VPNs because that could flag you for banning by Gaijin.


Please change your password and make sure no other device is logged in to your device.
In addition to this, feel feel to contact Gaijin Support at

Good luck!