Asy anticheat game security violations

Hi all.

Where can I find logs reports please ?
Many often I have an
"System file not reliable (in French = non fiable).
Easy anticheat game security violation
Viewed error by aswAMSI.dll "
I use Avast! security on my W11 laptop

I hope this area is the international (English) one for this subject

Have you tried turning off Avast before booting up the game? Avast tends to cause more harm than good sometimes

Btw, i’m pretty sure Avast was found to have been selling personal info and crap so if you care about that, might wanna switch anti-virus
Hell, some people already consider Avast a virus

there is also a trouble-shooting guide for EAC for WT

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Avast will constantly trigger easy anticheat because of how both softwares work (incredibly intrusively).
the only way to not get kicked from the game is to uninstall it while War Thunder is open.

I should add that Windows inbuilt antivirus is actually more than capable nowadays provided you don’t click on questionable links or install unknown software, just use something like malwarebytes to do a virus scan occasionally and you should be fine.

I’ve tested running War Thunder with Avast turned on, turned off, and uninstalled with today’s update and get the same crash either way. War Thunder had zero crashes yesterday with Avast turned on during gameplay. It’s the update, all we can do is wait.


same here. been playing with no issues. this “security violated” or smth started today. i guess, they couldnt fix and add stuff without breaking other stuff. lol

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A reinstall of the game fixed the issue for me.


CosmicK9 : If I reinstall the game on a hard drive, will I lose all my GE, SL, purchased, won, and vehicle camouflages? Besides where are these gains saved? On the PC/ consoles or on Gaijin’s servers? I already asked where were the log files ( error reports ) of WT, but no answer… Bravo for the support of Gaijin … Thank you in advance for any response .

Of course not, all your unlocks are tied to your account not your install. War Thunder is the same as any game that requires an account to play; reinstalling won’t lose you anything unless you change accounts.

Here is how you can find your log files:

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