Assigning vehicles to crews and associated mechanics

Hello everyone.

We’re seeing a lot of things and a lot of questions about allocating vehicles to crews. Here I’m going to show you the different options and features related to crews.

Tutorial redone from the basic work of @Cpt_Bel_V.

Let’s get started:

!! Detail !! that tutorial are a traduction with Deepl of my work in french section. Images are in french, copy/past form the original topic.

!!! WARNING !!! For the avoidance of doubt, once a crew has been assigned and trained on a vehicle of any type, this qualification is preserved on the crew, even if another vehicle is assigned.

-1°) Available slots

First of all, you need to know that any vehicle can be assigned to any crew. You can put a plane, a ship or an armoured vehicle on it. The skills to be used by the crew are automatically adapted to the type of vehicle.

Each nation has 3 crew slots available as standard. You can unlock 7 more for a total of 10 crews per nation.
The first 2 with SL (10,000 and 50,000)
The next 5 with GE (200, 500, 800, 1200 and 1800)

See the spoiler below detailing the different states of the crews

  • Crew to which a vehicle is assigned.
  • Crew to which a vehicle is assigned and currently displayed in the hangar.
  • Crew unlocked but not assigned.
  • Unlocked crew purchasable with GEs.
Click Here: Crews status

-2°) Assigning a vehicle to a crew

There are several options here for assigning a crew to a vehicle.

A) From the research tree
The first option is to assign a crew from the search tree, either by opening the tree or just after unlocking a vehicle.

Click Here: Assigning from TT

B) From the hangar
You can also assign a vehicle directly from the hangar and use filters to narrow down the search for a vehicle. Open the spoiler below for details

Click Here: Assigning from the hangar

-3°) Crew skills and levels

Crews have skills that can be greatly improved by increasing their level. All you have to do is play your vehicle in battle, and the crew earns an amount of crew points according to the actions performed during the game with that vehicle, or by paying GE crew points via “accelerated training” (at the top right of the crew window).

A) Crew skills
These are the abilities of each crew member that can be improved with crew XP points. Each skill bar is made up of 5 level “bubbles” which are raised by 1/2 a bubble according to the amount of XP required, indicated to the right of each bar.

Click Here: Crew Skills Bars

By hovering over the skills with the mouse, you can see the base values of each element affected by the skill and the effects of each modifier linked to crew and training levels.

Click Here: Skills values

B) Multi-vehicle qualifications
Crews may be trained on several types of vehicle (aircraft, naval, land). a vehicle MUST have been assigned to a crew in order to be able to modify it.

Click Here: Crew modification

Crew editable

Crew not editable

Once in the crew window, you can navigate between naval, land and air skills, which you can modify independently of the type of vehicle assigned.

Click Here: Competence switchs

!! Détail !! Les hélicoptères utilisent les compétences aérienne d'un équipage mais sans les mitrailleurs.

!!! WARNING !!! crew experience is shared between the 3 types of vehicles available. If you spend 200pts out of 1000 on aerial skills, you will only have 800pts left for the other branches.

C) Crew levels for training courses
Advanced training courses require crews to reach certain levels before they can be awarded. Each complete skill bar “bubble” counts as 1 crew level. A complete skill bar therefore gives 5 levels.
Crews can have the following maximum levels:

  • Ground: 150
  • Air: 75
  • Naval: 100
Click Here: Crew levels required for tanks

-4°) Crew qualifications

A) Training levels
Several levels of training are available for the crew. These training levels improve a crew’s efficiency in handling a vehicle. Whether for a plane, a tank or a ship, these levels have the same name and the same effects.

  • shot 2023.07.09 16.14.08 - Copie
    Basic training: Initial training in handling the vehicle. This level of training does not bring any particular bonus.

  • shot 2023.07.09 16.14.08 - Copie (2)
    Expert training: Intermediate level of training in the mastery of a vehicle. This level provides a bonus equivalent to 3 skill bubbles (except for Charisma in tanks and ships). This bonus IS ADDED to the crew level.

  • shot 2023.07.09 16.14.08
    Training Ace: Maximum crew training level. Adds the equivalent of 2 skill bubbles to the 3 of Expert level for a total of +5. An AS bonus therefore has the same effect as a FULL crew which ADDS to the crew level.

!!! WARNING!!! Any training applied to a crew is definitive. Assigning another vehicle to a crew does not remove this qualification.

B) Costs of training levels
All these training courses inevitably cost something. We’ll see how much and in what currencies.

The Basic qualification is called Crew training cost. For a vehicle in the technology tree, this amount varies according to the rank and BR of the vehicles. From a few hundred SL for the first vehicles, this amount rises to 320,000 SL for the most advanced vehicles.
Special cases:

  • Premium vehicles are a little different: often less advantageous at lower BR levels, from BR 3.7 onwards ALL premiums cost SL10,000 for basic training.

  • Collector" vehicles are NOT treated as premiums and are governed by the rules of the standard tree.

The expert qualification, costs considerably more. For example, if a vehicle costs SL1,080,000 to buy, the Expert skill will cost SL1,080,000.
Collector" vehicles are governed by the same rules.

!!! WARNING!!! For premium vehicles, the rules are different. to a basic cost equivalent to a vehicle of the same BR, the price of basic training and part of the cost of purchasing a vehicle of the same BR are added (but still more advantageous than purchasing and training to the same level as a standard vehicle).

The Ace qualification can be obtained in 2 different ways:
-By paying a sum in GE which varies according to the BR of the vehicle.
-By accumulating battle experience. There are 3 levels: at the halfway point => 50% reduction on the price in GE, at the 3/4th point => 75% reduction on the price in GE, at the end of the bar => Automatic acquisition of the AS skill provided you have the necessary crew level (see the following point C).

Click Here: AS Skill Progress Bar

-5°) Battle deck creation

Given the large number of game modes, BRs and vehicles, here’s how to create saved vehicle decks that allow you to quickly navigate from one set of vehicles to another depending on what you want to play. Check out the spoiler below.

Click Here: Battle deck creation

-6°) Restrictions for battle starts

If you assign several vehicle types to a deck, crews that are NOT available for use in the selected game mode will be greyed out.
For example, if you put ships alongside tanks and want to go into land battle, the ship crews will be greyed out as unavailable (see spoiler below).

Click Here: Unavailable crew

-6°) disabling crew vehicles

You can withdraw a crew’s vehicles. To do this, simply send the crew on holiday. A crew sent on holiday loses NONE OF THE QUALIFICATIONS.

Click Here: Sending on holiday

This last point marks the end of this paving stone on crews. I hope I’ve managed to keep my explanations clear. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions and/or make any comments you may have to help me improve this guide ;)