Asset Viewer 2

Hello guys

I have a problem with the actual AV. I’m highly motivated to creat a skin but for some reason the exported .dds files are all in low res 512x512 instead of UHD.

I use the latest CDK and my game itself is already fully installed on UHD.

How to get the exported files in 2k/4k?


same, i tried many version of cdk, and re-install the game many times, the problem cant be resolved

same here as of today with latest CDK version (12/2023) and UHQ client…

Have you tried “settings”->“screenshot…” and changing the Cube screenshot size?

If this doesn’t work a very crude workaround is to open the full size texture in the editor, take screenshots of it manually and stitch them together in Photoshop or Gimp.

Also this just might be an ongoing bug…who knows.