AS.34 Kormoran

found a video of an actual marineflieger launching an actual kormoran. as we can see, the flight pattern in war thunder bears little resemblance if any to the actual missile. the missile flies way too high ( as seen in the video is actually practically skims the surface of the water) and arcs down reducing accuracy while the real missile keeps level with its target.
Marineflieger Tornado IDS launching a Kormoran air-to-surface missile - YouTube
That would explain a lot as to why the kormoran performs so poorly in war thunder.
I look forward to when Gaijin corrects this issue. Thank you in advance.


This thing is the biggest joke in wt. They modeled it as a phoenix and i bet it suffers from multipathing as well which is why its so inaccurate against actual ships. They promised to fix it in a major update and then never did. 🀣

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and people like me will keep trying to get them to until they keep their promise.

I think these missiles are in the center of the tracking ship model. But unfortunately for most ships the center of the model is in the air. The missile will fall into the water through this position.


so all they need to do to make them more accurate is lower the point of tracking?

Tbh they could do what they did in air SB. Remove multi path so this missile can be used again. And the explosive mass?

I am starting to wonder if i’m more likely to get a foxgirl girlfriend IRL than a fix for the Kormorans, but hey. (obviously this is a joke)

Thats not it. The reason why it misses is because of how auto-targetting works in-game against ships

This is how they work currently

How you`d think it would work

it isnt just a Kormoran issue.


It would be good to fix the bugs and aim problem. OR just add the ground attack capabilities (the real kormoran has an option for that)

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allegedly they sorta did but set it so it’s basically useless. particularly against the Pantsir.