Armor update for m1a1 abrams

Photos from Russia of a captured Ukrainian M1150 Assault Breacher that show a good look at its composite armor. could we use this to get a more accurate Abrams model Sense the M1150 is based on the Abrams chassis have ? Sorry for the confusion I forgot to add that couldn’t we use it sense it’s based on the abrams.

Do you have a picture of the m1a1? You posted a picture of a m1150


No as that is not an M1A1 abrams that is a M1150 Breaching vehicle. Its possible the basis of its armor is similar to an M1A1 but its also likely that it is different and even then we don’t know any of the actual specific materials in said pic. This makes a simulation pointless.


This. You cannot use separate variants as evidence for other variants.

Sorry for the confusion I, I thought we could use this sense the M1150 Assault Breacher was backed around the Abrams

While the vehic is itself is not exactly the same, anyone willing to replicate abrams can easily do that by up/downscaling the armour sandwitch to match the abrams turret dimensions.

So yes it’s invaluable for tank amateurs. I doubt that intel will get much out of it. Its a tank from the 80s anyway.

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They have the same armor, and besides, the armor of the M1 differs from the M1A1 only in the ceramic layer.
(side, front and bottom armor are similar)

Alleged improvements to the side armor wouldn’t do much.

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Minimum the visual model of the armo rand frontal armor will be changed

Аnd I personally think the armor on earlier Abrams should be weaker from kinetics

Actually no. The M1150 ABV was developed by the US Marine Corp., based on the M1A1 chassis, and didn’t enter service until 2009. Given the time period, its quite possible the armor is based on the M1A1HC or one of the AIM variants. But thats just a guess.

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In theory, the M1A1HC should have uranium armor, in place of the last layers of NERA and composite armor, or spaced armor like on the M1A2 sep V2, only different.
Instead of this zone there should be uranium armor

People on yt say it’s gen 2 armour

The M1150 does use the same armor pattern as the M1A1 AIMv2, though, so if any information about material makeup does come out it’s pretty helpful.

Given its production lining with that of the M1A1SA, I’d say it’s HAP-3 / EAP-3

The us have said that the abram version they gave to Ukraine did not have the uranium armor in them

But this is technically not an abrams, so unless you have a quote where says that the m1150 were modified before sending them to ukranine the ukranian abrams has little to do with these

Does anyone know what the layer closest to the crew compartment is made of?

I know, armor is similar to m1a1. On version HA and higher, the red square should have uranium armor instead of NERA and composite.

A closer look to it



Excuse me but where did you get this close image?
Is it a separate image or an amplified original one?